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My Crews

July 28, 2008 in Web Officer's Blog

I’m adding a ‘My Crews’ section to the website, which I’m rolling out as fast as possible. Consequently it’s a bit naff at the moment and all you can do is submit which crews you rowed in and when. Eventually it should be a fully fledged system for storing and retrieving crew lists, so it will be possible to add people other than yourself, see who you rowed with and get in touch with lost friends (if they’re a member of of course).

Perl vs php

July 23, 2008 in Web Officer's Blog

I’m sorry if you’ve been trying to view the site recently, I’ve been having some issues with the code and I’ve been using the live site to test stuff because I’m lazy like that. I use perl a lot at work and so writing in php is quite easy although I don’t really know it as such. Annoying however I get stuff wrong because for no good reason the php people decided to subtly change the syntax of lots of stuff. Ahhh!

Tidy Up

July 22, 2008 in Web Officer's Blog

I’ve tidied up a few pages. Notably I’ve removed the Welcome page, combining into the boatclub section and I’ve put stuff on the Features front page

Social Bookmarking

July 22, 2008 in Web Officer's Blog

As you may have noticed I’ve added a social bookmarking widget to all posts and pages, so now you can tell all your little Facebook friends about us.

Henley Summary

July 16, 2008 in Captain's Blog

Sorry for the delay! As I’m sure you will know, we were defeated by Harvard on Thursday at Henley. The verdict of 1 1/4 lengths reflects a good hard race which was a fitting end to this years Henley campaign. With our rapid bumps racing start, we lead off the start and by a seat of so at the end of the island. However, Harvard used their strength and their more than a stone per man weight advantage into the head wind to build a lead of half a length by the barrier and up to over a length at Fawley. The lead, though, was never more than 1 1/2 lengths and a solid Balliol build through the enclosures succeeded is shrinking it down to the final margin of 1 1/4 lengths.

Congratulations and plaudits came from many with and without connections to Balliol or Oxford rowing including Dan Topolski, who commended our performance on Saturday of Eights, and the Chairman of Leander, who decided, on the basis of the Summer Eights Headship and the Henley campaign, to offer all of the crew membership to Leander.

It has been a long time since Oxbridge colleges dominated the racing at Henley and it is perhaps unrealistic to expect a shot at the Grand (!), but there is no reason to suppose that Balliol cannot go further in future years (ChCh have a composite four in the final of the Visitors’). Torpids and Eights will of course remain our priorities, but success at external regattas can do our rowing and the Balliol name no harm.

Post By Email

July 16, 2008 in Web Officer's Blog

For those people who have Author membership to the site, you can now post by email. Ask me if you want to know how.

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July 7, 2008 in Web Officer's Blog

I added a forum plugin to the site, but it seems a bit overkill so i might remove it. However, its now time to go to bed so I’ll leave it for a couple of days.

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July 4, 2008 in Web Officer's Blog

On my last day of work before I go on holiday, I decided not to do work and hack the default avatar features of WordPress. By default WordPress uses gravatars to place user avatars next to comments. You can either use a gravatar or upload a user image via your profile page. Just one caveat – I would recommend uploading a square photo.

Henley Royal Regatta – Wednesday

July 2, 2008 in Captain's Blog

Web romours had Loughborough looking ahead to Thursday’s race against Harvard. It turned out that their confidence was misplaced. Balliol rowed to a convincing 1 length victory on the first day of Henley to reach the last 16 of the Temple Challenge Cup and book a race against Harvard on Thursday.

The early morning didn’t dull our sharpness in the pre-race warm-up, even if the 7am paddle was a little…dreamy. As race time approached, Summer Eights-like nerves began to become apparant. I for one couldn’t wait for stroke two.

Racing at 9.05, the second race of the Regatta, there weren’t too many other crews or spectators around. For anybody that was watching the race, though, we provided plenty of excitement. Our first few strokes were powerful and we were taking seats off Loughborough immediately. However, near disaster struck when a mini-crab slowed us down in the middle of the Temple Island. In the end, it made no difference to the result, but it was clear to all that Andy pulled pretty hard after that. We gained a half-length lead around the Barrier stretching it out to a full length by the finish.

An additional mention must go to Dan Topolski who, while performing the menial task of checking boating crews heel restraints found time to congratulate Balliol on the Headship in Summer Eights and wish us luck for the forthcoming racing – high profile support which supplimented nicely our hard-core of fans who made it down to Henley for the early start.

Noon tomorrow – bring on Harvard!

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July 1, 2008 in Web Officer's Blog

I’ve added a few things over the last few days: you’ll note that there is now a calendar with basic provision for public and private events. I also figured out how to get the river status off OURCs (nice that they provide some webpages that you can just link too). I also got some scripts to easily embed youtube videos in pages. Comment if you have an further ideas (for those of you old enough to know what it is, don’t suggest bringing back BdeJ, I’m working on that already).