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The Year Ahead

August 24, 2008 in Captain's Blog

A new year of Balliol rowing will be upon us shortly – hopefully training has already begun/is ongoing for some at least ;-). It will be hard to live up to the successes of last year and there is certainly some talent departing which will be much missed, but BCBC must set its sights high once again. Blades in Torpids, rowing over four times in Summer Eights, more success at external regattas, winning Henley… Alright, maybe sights shouldn’t be set that high, but with a little ambition, dedication and determination who knows?

We’re working on improving funding and alumni relations for BCBC and with any luck, by the end of this year we’ll be well on the way to making the standard of our facilities, equipment and infrastructure match the quality of our results. But first let’s make sure the results are maintained.

Colin will once again be coaching the first eight and I’m pretty convinced there’s nobody I’d rather have coaching us (well, maybe Dan Topolski, if only for the name). We’re also working on getting professional coaching to oversee the novices and lower boats – if we’re to maintain the quality of home grown talent that has lead to Balliol’s success in recent years we can’t get left behind in terms of coaching. In the new structure, should we get some money (fingers crossed), there would still be lots of room for student coaching. In fact coaching for novice b, c etc. and M3, M4 etc. would still be done by students as would virtually all land sessions.

We’re also working (as always) on getting money from college for new VIIIs and small boats for training and early season racing. Wish us luck…

I would like success at external regattas to be more significant targets for BCBC. Bumps racing will of course remain our top priority, but competing at high profile external regattas (Fours’ Head, Men’s Head, Wallingford, Marlow, Henley etc.) can do the profile of BCBC no harm whatsoever. I reckon it’s pretty good training too, particularly for those with little race experience. Henley is also bloody good fun.

On a serious note, with all the departures from this year’s first eight we will have to train more seriously in Michaelmas if we are to produce another fast crew. Those coming into the crew will likely have very limited rowing experience and will need to be rowing and racing with the remaining members of last years’ VIII as early and as much as possible. So, please, plan to train from the beginning of the year or we might be in for a little shock come Trinity. As Hunter said sometime early last year, the campaign for Headship starts now.

Anyway, more soon. Stay fit.

Crews Database

August 13, 2008 in Web Officer's Blog

I’ve finished working on the Crews Database (for now). It should now be possible to add to the database as well as lookup crews and people. If I think of any other features that need adding I’ll do so in the future, but for now the system is pretty complete.

Rowing and Regatta Magazine

August 8, 2008 in Captain's Blog

The Balliol and Exeter compsite which rowed in the Marlow and Henley Royal Regattas has been mentioned in this months Rowing and Regatta magazine for their win in the Senior 3 ‘A Division’ event at Marlow. The Captain’s shall however be writing to the editors of the magazine for using a half page picture of Abingdon School who won the S3 ‘B division’ in a slower time than the mighty Exelliol.

My Crews Update

August 7, 2008 in Web Officer's Blog

I’ve fixed a few bugs in the My Crews system, although unfortunately it means I’ve had to remove permalinks (those nice URLs that you might have seen in the address bar instead of strings of php variables) from the site to make it work which is a bit annoying. If anyone knows anything about wordpress permalinks and form actions using them, I’d love some help. Otherwise, you should be able to add yourself, and other people, to the database, and view other members of crews that you rowed in. Be nice though, there’s not a lot of error checking.