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Walton Head

December 15, 2008 in Captain's Blog

Despite the terrential downpours this weekend and losing their boat on the way, Tobias Witting, Chris Wright and Oscar Schonfeld journeyed to Walton-on-Thames to compete in the small boats head. Tobias sculled his way down the 3km course to 2nd place in the Senior 4 event in a time of 11.04. Chris and Oscar set the third fastest time of the day for a pair, faster than many doubles, and finished 2nd in the Senior 3 event in a time of 10.36. A not unimpressive feat given they had only rowed together in a pair three time previously.

Christ Church Regatta

December 13, 2008 in Captain's Blog

Michaelmas term saw the traditional recruitment and training of keen novices, with the added twist this year of there actually being a Regatta to participate in.

Training went really well over the term and the girls entered two strong crews. The B’s were unlucky in various respects and the first day did not exactly go to plan. However, eventually they got to race and although they didn’t win they kept good form and had clearly made impressive progress in their few shorts weeks of training

Our A crew fared better, having got to the semi finals of Nephthys Regatta the previous weekend, they were looking like one of the strongest novice crews on the river. They were also the only ones with matching hats, which may or may not have contributed to their success.

Just for jokes, in the first race they thought they’d see how many crabs it is possible to catch in such a short race (many). But after that it all came together, and they comfortably beat Hildabeasts B, Trinity B and Lincoln A before narrowly loosing to Linacre A in a very exciting final race.

Well done to everyone involved, bring on Torpids!