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Racing Start for Men’s Crews

October 28, 2009 in Captain's Blog

The incoming freshers have provided us with a huge cohort of novice rowers (35 at the last count), all of whom have adapted quickly to the intense schedule of early starts, thrice-weekly land sessions, and crew dates that I have put them on. As opposed to sorting crews according to perceived ability at 3rd week, boats have been filled for Christchurch according to how much time oarsmen want to commit to rowing: the response even better than I had hoped- there are two Balliol boats that have their eyes on winning the Christchurch regatta in 7th week, each getting 4 outings a week and some organising afternoon outings in IVs of their own accord. Judging by the other men’s novices on the river, their hardest competition seems to be each other.

These boats, ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’, have been taken under the stewardship of our Head Novice Coach, Rob Ryan, who has more than a decade’s coaching experience on the Isis, while ‘Greene’, the rotating squad of misguided freshers who for some reason also want to take part in extra-curricular activities besides rowing, have been responding well to the coaching from the bank offered by myself and my vice-captain Chris Arthurs – both of us were novices this time last year so have a fresh memory of the difficulties newcomers can have.

The senior squad is now under the auspices of Leander’s Alan Sinclair, who has rowed in the same boat as our previous coach, Colin Williamson, for six years. The continuity in calls, language, and technique has made the transition a fluid one. Michaelmas may traditionally be an easy-going term for senior college rowers, but Alan’s training programme has already had all of us feeling the burn and cursing our inactivity over the Summer. Last year Alan was head coach at Pembroke, whose fitness allowed them to bump M1 in the dying seconds of Friday’s race during Summer Eights – the thought of returning the favour in Trinity Term is enough to keep us pulling!

BCBC Plagued With Swine Flu

October 27, 2009 in Captain's Blog

After holding a very successful Freshers’ Drinks in Holywell Manor to recruit a new cohort of novices, things took a turn for the worse when college was hit by swine flu (importantly the women’s captain and two vice-captains, as well as several of the senior squad)! Having missed the opportunity to start with a “bang”, it’s taken a while for things to pick up pace again, but it looks like everything is starting to get back on track. The senior squad have managed to have a few good outings with our new cox and there are some really promising-looking novices. Hopefully success in Nepthys’ Head and Regatta at the start of November will give them the confidence they need to go on and do well in Christchurch Regatta.

Best wishes, Beth

Hello From The New Women’s Captain

October 27, 2009 in Captain's Blog

Hello all,

My name is Beth Mumford and I am a second year medical student. This is my first blog as the new women’s Captain of Boats for 2009-10; I look forward to a successful year ahead and will try to keep you all regularly informed of what’s going on the women’s side of the boatclub. With our 1st boat placed second on the river, and the 2nd boat having achieved Eights blades 2 years in a row, the pressure is truly on for another exciting year!

If you have any questions, problems or, more importantly advice to give, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me (

All the best, Beth

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Crew Lists

October 16, 2009 in Web Officer's Blog

Crew lists are back! Yey! Its taken a while but I think I’ve sorted out all the problems. (If you find something that doesn’t work, please tell me and I’ll try my best to fix it).

To those of you new to, the Crew Lists section of the website contains a database of Balliol crews past and present. furthermore, everyone can contribute. We hope to be able to create a complete history of all Balliol crews. The project is still in its infancy but we’ve already collected information as far back as the 1950s. Please contribute all you know!

Firefox vs. Internet Explorer

October 15, 2009 in Web Officer's Blog

In designing I naturally have to contend with the issue that different users of the site use different web browsers. Internet Explorer is somewhat notorious as being a bit of a rogue among browsers: apparently not displaying pages correctly, being slower, using more computer resources and many other problems. On the other hand, Firefox is the cool hippie browser that all the anti-Microsoft fanboys, and increasingly the general public, love. My personal opinion is that most of these statements are incorrect, particularly if we compare IE8 and Firefox 3. I wouldn’t say that IE8 is perfect but in my experience its much better than Fx 3.

Before I get lynched, I should explain that I live and work with both. At work I have Fx 3 on CentOS. I’m forced to have this combination. If it were possible to have IE8 on a Linux distribution I would jump at the opportunity. Fx 3 has so many bugs and I’ve seen it using almost 1GB of memory. This is because of its over zealous method of caching web pages, apparently a feature. (On a side note, the same people who love Fx for the speed enhancement this caching gives, seem to despise Windows Vista’s indexing because it uses too much memory). This is indefensible, only two years ago did the average desktop have less than 1GB RAM!

I could go on but there’s many a blog article concerning this topic already. I will however leave you with a link to this rather enlightening web page:

Firefox Myths

(You’ll be happy to know, works happily in both IE8 and Fx3. Next week: Is Windows Vista really so bad?).

ourcs: Captains’ Meeting 8pm in Room 23, Balliol. Highlights include: transfers, rule changes and river closures. Agenda is online.

October 14, 2009 in Torpids 2010

ourcs: Captains’ Meeting 8pm in Room 23, Balliol. Highlights include: transfers, rule changes and river closures. Agenda is online.


October 14, 2009 in Captain's Blog, Web Officer's Blog

As much as I don’t see the point of Twitter, I realise that some people love it. So I have set up a Twitter feed; you can follow us at @balliolrowing. It is fully integrated with our blogs so what appears on one will appear on both.

Happy tweeting!

ourcs: Last call for agenda items for the CM next week. You’ve got 5 hours or so.

October 9, 2009 in Torpids 2010

ourcs: Last call for agenda items for the CM next week. You’ve got 5 hours or so.

ourcs: Reminder – Captains’ Meeting motions due to by tomorrow, 11pm. Make sure your motions are formed according to the rules. L

October 8, 2009 in Torpids 2010

ourcs: Reminder – Captains’ Meeting motions due to by tomorrow, 11pm. Make sure your motions are formed according to the rules. L

Photo Uploading

October 6, 2009 in Web Officer's Blog

This is just a reminder that everyone can upload photos to our galleries. Click here to go to the upload page. Uploading photos is a three-step process:

  • You will first have to create a gallery, name it what you like.
  • After this, you will be able to add photos to your gallery. If when you’ve uploaded photos a message appears saying the folder has no images, click the Disable Flash Upload button and try uploading your photos again.
  • Finally email to say that you have uploaded photos, this is to ensure the photos are reviewed before they appear on our website.

(I’m sorry that this seems a little complicated, but hey, I’m not Facebook).

Alternatively, you may upload photos on the friends network, these won’t appear on the main website but your friends on the network will be able to view them.