Firefox vs. Internet Explorer

October 15, 2009 in Web Officer's Blog

In designing I naturally have to contend with the issue that different users of the site use different web browsers. Internet Explorer is somewhat notorious as being a bit of a rogue among browsers: apparently not displaying pages correctly, being slower, using more computer resources and many other problems. On the other hand, Firefox is the cool hippie browser that all the anti-Microsoft fanboys, and increasingly the general public, love. My personal opinion is that most of these statements are incorrect, particularly if we compare IE8 and Firefox 3. I wouldn’t say that IE8 is perfect but in my experience its much better than Fx 3.

Before I get lynched, I should explain that I live and work with both. At work I have Fx 3 on CentOS. I’m forced to have this combination. If it were possible to have IE8 on a Linux distribution I would jump at the opportunity. Fx 3 has so many bugs and I’ve seen it using almost 1GB of memory. This is because of its over zealous method of caching web pages, apparently a feature. (On a side note, the same people who love Fx for the speed enhancement this caching gives, seem to despise Windows Vista’s indexing because it uses too much memory). This is indefensible, only two years ago did the average desktop have less than 1GB RAM!

I could go on but there’s many a blog article concerning this topic already. I will however leave you with a link to this rather enlightening web page:

Firefox Myths

(You’ll be happy to know, works happily in both IE8 and Fx3. Next week: Is Windows Vista really so bad?).

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