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Spring 2nds Regatta

January 31, 2010 in Captain's Blog

Thursday of 8th Week (11th March) will see Balliol running the first ‘Spring 2nds Regatta’, an event open only to boats in lower divisions of the bumps chart, with the aim of enriching the experience of rowing for those who may not otherwise get to compete in external regattas – and of improving collegiate rowing throughout Oxford. As with all plans for rowing in Hilary, we are at the mercy of the weather, but if high stream and winds force the cancellation of another Torpids this year, Spring 2nds will be the only intercollegiate competition on the calendar this term!

Watch this space for more details.

Bad Weather Complicates Hilary Training (Who’d Have Guessed?)

January 24, 2010 in Captain's Blog

With one week of full term passed, and our training plans still frustrated by a red flag on the Isis, the lower squad of the men’s boat club are growing impatient to return to the water. So far they have had to make do with tank sessions and technical ergo work on sliders – all well and good, but a distant se’cond to the real thing, especially if every other lower boat in Oxford is doing the same. ‘Mileage makes champions,’ as Fairbairn said, and if we hope to raise a glass to our blade-winning crews come Torpids Dinner, as is our aim, waiting around for conditions on the Isis to change will not do.

While my vice-captains are running the inaugural ‘other’ BIRC (the Balliol Indoor Rowing Championship, a series of demanding erg tests) to keep the troops in competition during the week, as of next weekend Balliol will start ferrying the most promising M2 triallists out to Wallingford so that they can take advantage of the long stretch of clear water there (and perhaps be spotted by the OUBC coaches!), while other boat clubs sit around in Oxford waiting for the flag to change.


A Strong Profile Of Triallists For This Year’s 1st Torpid

January 23, 2010 in Captain's Blog

With 12 girls currently trialling for the 1st Torpid, I’m confident that this year’s crew will be stronger than ever (and we can finally bump into the first division!). Despite the poor river conditions, we’re keeping positive and making use of the land training to ensure our fitness is the best in Oxford.

This year, Torpids will be held in 7th week (3rd-6th March). Please come down to the boathouse and support us – it really makes a difference hearing the roar of supporters as you reach the end of boathouse island.

Women’s Boatclub Now Has Three University Triallists!

January 23, 2010 in Captain's Blog

Due to low numbers of triallists for the OUWBC boat, two Balliol girls (Jo and Christina) have been asked to return to the squad to help in the boat race against the Tabs at the end of term. Nehaal continues to trial with OUWLRC. Good luck to all three girls for when the crews get announced in the next few weeks!

This year’s Henley Boat Races will be held on Sunday 28th March. If you can possible make it, it would be great to have a strong Balliol contingent to support the girls.

Well Done For Some Excellent Vacation Training!

January 23, 2010 in Captain's Blog

After saying our goodbyes at the end of term, a captain always worries how much fitness will be lost as crew mates sit about eating mince pies and watching the Queen’s speech. Needless to say all my fears were put to rest by a gruelling regime requiring individuals to log their training progress into an online spreadsheet. Bad weather was no excuse – notably one international student spent a morning shoveling her driveway of snow to keep her heart rate up. Well done to Brianna, Clarissa and Edie who share the prize (a healthy bottle of wine!) for the most committed vac effort.

Seamless Transition For Novices Into The Senior Boats

January 23, 2010 in Captain's Blog

Despite the disappointment of Christ Church Regatta last term which was largely called off due to bad weather, the novice spirit has stood the test of the vac and we’re delighted to have so many keeping with the sport. This term’s coaches have certainly been impressed by the talent they’ve seen so far – thanks especially to excellent coaching from Christina, Kirsty and Anja last term. The fresh influx into the senior boats each January helps to keep us older girls on their toes, as (in genuine True Blue style) “nobody’s seat has a reserved sign on it”.

New Coach Appointed for Women 2

January 23, 2010 in Captain's Blog

New term, new coach. This year we’ve been lucky to find Chris Cooper.

With an impressive rowing, sculling and coaching CV (and many years of Oxford boating experience) the prospects are looking better than ever for our W2 girls. With 3 sets of blades in the bag for that last 4 bumps races, things can only get tougher as the amount of ‘driftwood’ above us in the divison dwindles and we start to take on some real opposition. Wish us luck!

ourcs: Happy New Year everyone. Couple of things – 1) red flag at the moment, and 2) dates for you for 2010: Torpids 3-6 Mar, VIIIs 26-29 May.

January 2, 2010 in Torpids 2010

ourcs: Happy New Year everyone. Couple of things – 1) red flag at the moment, and 2) dates for you for 2010: Torpids 3-6 Mar, VIIIs 26-29 May.