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October 5, 2010 in John Blacker Society, Web Officer's Blog

If you’ve been to the crew database section of the website recently you’ll have noticed some changes. We now have bumps records going back until 1980 for both Men’s and Women’s Crews in Torpids and Summer VIIIs. We are now working on getting the names for everyone in these crews; this is mostly complete but unfortunately the bumps programmes often contain first initials only and so we are trying to find full names by matching data up with that from the Balliol Register.

We’ve also added a new Statistics page containing statistics for all the rowers that we have data for.

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  1. There is a complete crew list for the ‘Glorious 50’s’ which I produced and framed hanging in the Buttery (or it was when I last saw it).

    If it has disappeared I would be happy to send a jpg of the details. These contain only the crew initials but I am sure that the Christian names of many are already known (e.g. Don Cadle, John Blacker) but if there are any others which you do not have I am sure that I can fill many of the gaps. I could also let you have the names of the boats that were bumped by the Eights in which I rowed if required. As a matter of historical interest I believe that Leif Mills and myself were the only crew members ever to have rowed in all three Head of the River boats in the same year.

    ‘Never Row’

    Derek Clements

    • I have the blade my father won for the Balliol Third Eight in 1954, which includes one DJM Clements (also JBM Stevenson, JN Hodson, KE Reich, PH Bailey, JP Barron, WM Hughes, and BE Mitchell as cox). My father, John Cecil Hall, went on to become senior lecturer in moral philosophy at St. Andrews. So far as I know he never rowed after Oxford. He died, far too young, in 1988.
      I also have a Balliol blade from my wife’s grandfather, DW Dodwell, for 2nd Torpid 1920. The rest of the drew is DJ Gordon, JA Arengo Jones, RH Massey, DAJ Buxton, LG Pinnell, GC Vaughan Morgan, HH Davdson, and RJ Smith as cox.

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