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Success for Women at Nepthys Regatta

November 24, 2010 in Captain's Blog

‘Particular congratulations to Balliol W1 for successfully holding into the Women’s 8s title for the second year’ – a very pleasing way to be able to begin my first captain’s blog!

Even if there were disappointingly few senior women’s crews entered for Nephthys Regatta, Balliol W1 still stormed to victory with a 5-length lead over Regents to kick-start racing this year, a  performance the well-known 21 year old (M1 rower) Ant Butler called ‘plain rude’, claiming that we ‘should have at least let them catch up a bit’. We kept it to 5 lengths, didn’t we?

Having said that, I think everyone would agree whole-heartedly that the novice girls stole the show, making it to the semi-finals before disaster stuck. In fact, some might say that disaster struck in the previous round, or even the one before that – where a combination of massive crabs and jammed seats were experienced, leaving our six-girl finishing one race holding her seat above her head! A seat one can overcome, but the loss of an oar is slightly more serious – and decided the fate of the girls to New in the end. Nevertheless, we still gave Brasenose, Exeter, and Keble a good view of our stern along the way! Well rowed all round.

On the eve of Christchurch, it’s an exciting time to be involved in the boat club. So come on girls, be proud to be Balliol and go for it!

Contributing to

November 22, 2010 in BCBC Users, Web Officer's Blog

I am currently trying to boost the involvement of our members with the website. To that end I will shortly give everyone with a user account the “Contributor” status. This means that everyone will be able to write content for the site via the web interface. When you log in you will now see a menu item in the right hand sidebar allowing you to write a new post.

To avoid spam however, your content won’t be published until it has been reviewed by a moderator (currently only me). If your content is particularly interesting I will upgrade people to the status of “Author” so that they don’t have to go through the moderation process each time they post.