Torpids Run Up

February 21, 2011 in Captain's Blog

Just over one week until Torpids and don’t we know it! Following a run of illnesses W1 has finally been set and is looking strong. The boat this year sees three novice additions and a returning ex-blue, whom we are all very grateful for. Last weekend we braved an early Sunday morning to compete in Bedford Head where 2k races are rowed against the clock against a variety of Oxford and non-Oxford rowing clubs. We entered two divisions, finishing a respectable 5th and 9th with only two other Oxford women’s crews coming in ahead of us, these being Magdalen (currently head in Torpids) and Christ Church (currently 4th in Torpids).

W2 has seen its fair share of turmoil this term. An unforeseen change in coach at the beginning of February meant that two of our own M1 rowers have been let loose on the girls, to good effect! The boat includes a good proportion of last year’s W2 as well as our novice intake, so hopefully a good combination of experience and enthusiasm will pay off come Torpids. Along with a cox who doesn’t know how to shut up and can often be heard screaming ‘shut the door!’ mid-race, they seem set for a good few days’ racing!

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