TORPIDS: The night before the storm

March 2, 2011 in Torpids 2011

Just a quick update in the hours before the race:

The 11-day pre-race cycle is complete for both M1 and M2, slowly tapering to ensure that we’re as prepared as possible.

Now just counting down the hours until the gun.

M3 are racing at 12 noon in the first race of the day, so we wish them, their coach Tobi, and my co-captain Graham the very best. Graham has done a fantastic job with the novices and then the M3 and M4 squad so I’m very excited to see what they can achieve. Already, they’ve rowed on ahead of over 30 other college second and third boats which is a massive achievement.

M2 race at 1400. M1 race at 1700

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