Finish line in sight…

March 4, 2011 in Captain's Blog, Torpids 2011

Day 3 of Torpids saw W1 receive their first bump. Annoyingly, we were gaining on Christchurch as Pembroke, who have been shooting up the rankings all week, crept up on us.  Pembroke got us as we held onto Christchurch for some considerable time and even had overlap at one point, but no concession came and they managed to pull away.  Tomorrow we return to our starting position of bung line 9, chasing Pembroke with Exeter chasing us.

W2 had a much brighter day getting their first bump of the week! They got bumped twice fairly near the start but then settle into a good rhythm and put in a very good performance to catch Pembroke. Spirits were high as they landed and despite some confusion at the race desk everyone is looking forward to tomorrow’s racing.

Here’s to a solid final performance in Torpids 2011!

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