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Summer VIIIs 2011

May 31, 2011 in Captain's Blog, Summer VIIIs 2011

Summer Eights – the most important four days of the year for the College Boat Club – starts this Wednesday and we would very much like to invite you down to the Isis to watch the racing, join in the festivities and support the five Balliol crews racing this year. In particular, the Women’s 1st Eight are defending their Headship, the coveted title of supreme river awesomeness, and the reason why we all got to enjoy that lovely bonfire earlier in the year.

Most Balliol fans will be watching from the boat house but if you want a really good view of the start, you’re welcome to watch from Donnington Bridge. The sun is forecast to be out so don’t forget to bring your Pimms!

W1 @ 18.15:
Sophie Wragg, Aime Lopez Aigular, Ashley Nord, Barbara Lauriat, Anna Lewis, Katherine McLeod, Clarissa Belloni, Aelwen Wetherby, Simon Wan

W2 @ 14.55:
Amelia Bradley, Juliette Kelly, Sarah Edwards, Lucy Munson, Helen McCartney, Lucy Morell, Molly Dickinson, Rebecca Mitchell, Hannah Robertson

M1 @ 18.45:
Patrick Michelberger, Jim Ormiston, Paul Gerstmayr, Dan Rosmarin, Calum Johnstone, Rob Wadsworth, Oscar Schonfeld, Leo Ganin, Nick Parkinson

M2 @ 15.30:
Richard Dumbill, Jai Juneja, Ollie McGregor, Ed Grefenstette, Rob Stabler, Graham Rhodes, Thomas Harty, Tom Simpkins, Matt Kennedy

M3 @ 13.10
Jon Scott, Alex Body, Vicente Solera-Deuchar, Alan Chapell, Ant Butler, Lubo Atanassov, Robbie Smith, Martin Felle, John Lees

Bedford Regatta

May 26, 2011 in Captain's Blog


Balliol’s first women’s eight competed in Bedford Regatta on the 14 May – a show known to give us many a trophy over the years. Unfortunately this year saw two injured crew members – one of whom had to be replaced from the start by one of last year’s Headship crew, and the other of whom managed struggle through the first two races with an injured arm but then had to be replaced by an external sub. Nevertheless, the performance put in benefited from experience over the three races with the crew winning their WIM3 race against City of Cambridge by 3 lengths and their college event race against Christ’s College by 4 lengths. By the third race the crew had found a good rhythm but let Hertford creep up on them to take it, and in the final round of WIM3 tiredness was beginning to really take its toll and consequently we lost to Bedford High School/Dame Alice.


With one week to go until Summer Eights tensions are running high. We have very recently lost one of our most experienced crew members to injury and as such it’s going to be a battle to replace her.


Fingers crossed for next week…