Eights day three!

June 3, 2011 in Captain's Blog, Summer VIIIs 2011

Wow W1 – you now have a task on your hands!

Today our first women’s eight had a much easier time of it – keeping their distance well-ahead of Wadham until Pembroke stormed upon Wadham in the gut. This, much like Wednesday, allowed our girls to drop the rate and have a relaxed paddle home.  But, and the big but, this means that Pembroke are chasing us tomorrow, and they are fast. The question is: faster than Balliol? This is where every single minute of pain in the gym and on the water training pays off. This is the final test. Can they stay Head? I say they can.

W2 also had a more successful day, comfortably rowing over at the top of Division V and then again rowing over at the bottom of  Division IV. Tomorrow they have to do the same again, this time chasing St.Catz in Div IV who are not so unbeatable…

All eyes on W1 going into the final day of Summer Eights 2011.

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