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Come down to the river to support Balliol’s Torpids 2012 campaign!

M1 – racing at 17:00

Bow Richard Dumbill
2 Patrick Michelberger
3 Rob Stabler
4 Robert Wadsworth
5 Calum Johnstone
6 James Ormiston
7 Oscar Schonfeld
Stroke Leonid Ganin
Cox Matthew Kennedy

M2 – racing at 14:00

Bow Dominik Miketa
2 Harry Parkin
3 Alex Bartram
4 Aron Polos
5 Samuel Bowden
6 Andrew Paverd
7 Daniel Lucy
Stroke Vassili Bazinas
Cox Conor Jackson

W1 – racing at 1630

Bow Franziska Christen
2 Sophie Tomlinson
3 Friederike Winter
4 Sara Dutta
5 Sarah Edwards
6 Azita Chellappoo
7 Molly Dickinson
Stroke Sophie Wragg
Cox Simon Wan

W2 – racing at 13:30

Bow Emily Wilkinson
2 Gabrielle Pereira
3 Elizabeth Howe
4 Ada Coghen
5 Fiona Skerman
6 Elisabetta Tollardo
7 Martha Imprialou
Stroke Gabrielle de Wit
Cox Jennifer Reuer

W3 – racing at 13:30

Bow Miroslawa Alunowska Figueroa
2 Carly Minsky
3 Beatrice Whitham-agut
4 Lisa Kestler
5 Victoria Empson
6 Anna Alekseyeva
7 Kateryna Frolova
Stroke Anja Hayen
Cox Sophie Wragg


1 response to TORPIDS 2012

  1. Bearing in mind your own emphasis on Balliol not being regarded as a traditionally strong rowing College, the 1907 Boat Race may be of interest, even if Cambridge did win.
    Oxford Eight 1907:

    W T Heard, 11. 0; H C Bucknall, 11. 8; G E Hope, 12.13; R M Peat, 11.11; J A Gillan, 12. 7; A G Kirby, 13.10; E H L Southwell, 12. 1; A C Gladstone, 11. 0; Cox W F Donkin, 8. 5

    As far as I can determine, W T Heard was the only Balliol man in the boat. This was William Theodore, later Cardinal, Heard, son of Rev William Augustus Heard, second Headmaster of Fettes College. Theo, as he was known to his friends, graduated that year and became a Solicitor in London dealing with pubs/landlords for and on behalf of the brewers (a paid pub crawl, what a life!). In 1910 he converted to Catholicism (at Farm Street) and three years later went to the Venerable English College in Rome to study for the priesthood. In the course of the next eight years he added three doctorates to his Oxford MA: DD, PhD and DCL, each awarded “summa cum laude” by the Greg. Ordained priest on March 30, 1918, he served as a curate at Most Holy Trinity, Dockhead, Bermondsey (1921-27), before in 1927 being named a “domestic prelate” of the Holy Father, Pope Pius XII, that is a Monsignor, when he was appointed as a judge of the Sacred Roman Rota. He became its Dean in 1958 and was created Cardinal in 1959 by Good Pope John. He is the only Cardinal ever to have gained an Oxford, or Cambridge, Blue. In 1960, when the Olympics were held in Rome, the Great Britain rowing crews visited him at his rooms in the Venerabile, where he was still convalescent after serious surgery in the previous year (water works and other complications).

    Balliol has a portrait of Cardinal Heard which I last heard of, no pun intended, as hanging in the rooms of Sir Anthony Kenny.

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