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M2 Saturday Torpids 2011 – Bow Cam

March 7, 2011 in Torpids 2011

After an epic two hour protest by both New College and ourselves, M2 ended up one place higher in Division 4 than they would have otherwise. The full race from the perspective M2’s bow can be seen below. The men started in 3rd in the division knowing that they could easily bump Linacre (having got to within 3/4 of a length on Friday when Linacre had started two above. However they would have to pull out their best performance to stand a chance of bumping Linacre before Linacre got a chance to bump the, it has to be said, pretty slow, New College boat.

Even in Lubo’s soft focusing eastern European camera, we can just make out how New concede clearly and within good time ,just as they shoot off to bowside. For reasons unknown to anyone but the Linacre cox, Linacre then proceed to stay in the racing line without slowing appreciably (it’s a good job my voice can’t be heard, for the things I were shouting at them weren’t very savory). When New eventually try to take the stroke side bend, the inevitable happens: Linacre broadside New, pushing them perpendicular to the stream and leaving M2 very little room.

There were two issues at race desk, did Balliol bump New before the Klaxon, and how much of the blame for the incident could be attributed to Linacre? In answer to the first; I actually had little idea at the time. I suspected they hadn’t since smashing past Linacre slowed our boat so much. But then the nearest Marshall was awfully slow to react. To my mind the second point was much clearer: Linacre were the only boat at fault. Sure, M2 may possibly have been able to find a clearer path around the outside, but on the narrowest part of the river, I’m not sure an incident could have been avoided.

In the end the slow grinding OURCs committee awarded New College a row over whilst penalty bumping Linacre one place to lie below Balliol. A result which we would happily have taken before the race. We will always wonder how much better things would have been if M2 had closed out the bump on Jesus on the first day, but that’s the nature of Torpids.



March 5, 2011 in Torpids 2011

Men’s Div 4 klaxoned :( Linacre got a bump on New II beforehand though…


March 5, 2011 in Torpids 2011

Sorry about all that mess earlier with the OURCs blog posts. My program to connect to their system went a bit haywire. It should be sorted now however.


March 5, 2011 in Torpids 2011

worst time for a race committee appeal ever- carnage in the gut seems nigh! Teddy Hall trapped in the bank. Down they go!


March 5, 2011 in Torpids 2011

Welcome to Saturday of Torpids 2011!

Saturday Torpids 2011

March 5, 2011 in Torpids 2011

The big day has arrived, the one everyone has been waiting for. Everything kicks off at 12.00 with both M3 and M4 in Men’s Division VI. M3 Are looking for an easy bump on the “spacktards” (as Tobi would call them) of Exeter. M4 are looking to clean up anyone than happens to have sprawled themselves across the river in front of them. The only question is how long will their fitness hold out.

W2 are next up in Women’s Division IV. They’ve got Pembroke behind them, who are atrocious, and Green Templeton in front, who are it has to be said, substantially better than out girls.

W1 race at 16.40 in Division 1.

M1 will be up in the final race of the day at 17.00. Men’s Division 1 has been somewhat of a boring affair this week. However, M1 got pretty close to Magdalen today and will be hoping to seal the deal this afternoon.

We’ll have updates for you here throughout the day. If you want to help out, send your news items to

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Finish line in sight…

March 4, 2011 in Captain's Blog, Torpids 2011

Day 3 of Torpids saw W1 receive their first bump. Annoyingly, we were gaining on Christchurch as Pembroke, who have been shooting up the rankings all week, crept up on us.  Pembroke got us as we held onto Christchurch for some considerable time and even had overlap at one point, but no concession came and they managed to pull away.  Tomorrow we return to our starting position of bung line 9, chasing Pembroke with Exeter chasing us.

W2 had a much brighter day getting their first bump of the week! They got bumped twice fairly near the start but then settle into a good rhythm and put in a very good performance to catch Pembroke. Spirits were high as they landed and despite some confusion at the race desk everyone is looking forward to tomorrow’s racing.

Here’s to a solid final performance in Torpids 2011!

Men’s Division 1

March 4, 2011 in Torpids 2011

And there’s hope yet of something exciting for saturday. M1 got within a canvas of Magdalen today, so I’m told, in and impressive display of determination. However they just failed to close the deal. Photos in the gallery soon.


Another Solid Row Over For M2

March 4, 2011 in Torpids 2011

After missed chances on Wednesday and the unfortunate events of yesterday, M2 had prepared themselves for the long haul. Indeed, St Anthony’s bumped Linacre as we’d expected by the start of the Green Bank. And so began the trek to the finish. At the end of the Green bank there was still two and a half lengths in it. A big push along the boathouse stretch closed the gap to less than a length by the finish. Surely a good sign for the final day.

Men’s Div VI

March 4, 2011 in Torpids 2011

Annoyance all around. Some idiot from Exeter decided to go for a swim, getting the race klaxoned. At least they got penalty bumped.