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More Website Updates

October 4, 2009 in Web Officer's Blog

So finally I’ve finished tinkering with the website. I hope everyone approves of the new design; if you don’t I’d welcome any suggestions (they may or may not be incorporated — this is a one man show afterall). Please comment or email any suggestions to

New Look Website

September 20, 2009 in Web Officer's Blog

Following the addition of the BCBC Friends Network, I’ve given the website a new look. Firstly, you will notice a new banner across the top of the page, shamelessly copied from the updated Balliol College website. The major change is that the main pages, blogs and friends network now appear together seamlessly. Of course you will have to log in to see most of the new features. Sadly I have had to remove the crew lists section as it seems not to function completely with the new design – it shall return (eventually).

Gordouli Invites

August 7, 2009 in Web Officer's Blog

Thre is a newly created Gordouli group on the BCBC Friends network. If you are a member of the Gordouli Boat Club then we ask that you register with and join this group. All invitations to Gordouli events in the future will be handled through the site. (This will include payment so no more bringing cheques along on the night). Usernames

August 6, 2009 in Web Officer's Blog

Due to technical reasons some usernames have been modified. If your username previously contained any spaces, these have been replaced with hyphens (‘-‘). I’m sorry for this but an update to the site’s software meant that this change was necessary. Passwords are unaffected, remaining as they were. If you have forgotten your login details use the form provided on the login pages or email

BCBC Friends Network

August 3, 2009 in Web Officer's Blog

So, over the weekend I decided to tryout BuddyPress for WordPress. BuddyPress is a new extension to WordPress that enabled social networking between blog users. Unfortunately, it only works on WordPress MU (Multiuser) and ran off single user WordPress. This meant having to install WPMU and migrating all the data from the original blog, a somewhat tedious task but I got their in the end. After that, it turned out that installing BuddyPress was a doddle.

Anyway, the upshot of all this is that we now have a social network on our site: the BCBC Friends Network! All current users of will have had a profile created for them, all they have to do is sign in and start nosing around. You will be able to search the members directory, join groups and send messages to people.

BuddyPress, although functional, is currently in its early stages of development. As it develops I hope to add new components to our network. Something I’m particularly excited about is integration with Facebook, which will allow users to sign in with their Facebook credentials to and invite their Facebook friends to join us.

Web Site Outages

June 10, 2009 in Web Officer's Blog

First of all, I’d like to apologise for all the tense moments during Summer VIIIs when the website was out of action. This was largely due to circumstances beyond my control: our web host’s database servers were apparently overloaded. They have now added a new server to their pool and I have moved our databases to it. Hopefully the new server will be a bit more responsive.

(If anyone is in the hosting industry and would like to help BCBC by hosting our website, please get in touch)

SMS Posting

May 23, 2009 in Web Officer's Blog

I’ve finally got around to creating SMS (text message) posting, just in time you might say. Anyone can use the system to post news items relating to Summer VIIIs. Items will be posted in the Summer Eights category. The number to send your entries to is: 07805 858332.

Website Update

April 4, 2009 in Web Officer's Blog

So the website hasn’t been updated for a while and I’m looking for ideas…

One thing we will shortly have is blogging by SMS, which should hopefully stimulate people other than Oscar and myself and get them blogging.

Photo Upload

March 5, 2009 in Web Officer's Blog

I’ve allowed everyone the ability to upload photos via the admin interface here. Please be sure to put all photos in the ‘User Photo’ gallery.


March 2, 2009 in Web Officer's Blog

Due to the success, and all the positive comments concerning the live
blog during Torpids, I’ll soon be introducing blogging by SMS text
messaging! Yay!